Short Exact Sequence

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Delta-functor - Definition
... Tn A → B indexed by the non-negative integers, and for each short exact sequence a family of morphisms indexed by the non-negative integers satisfying the following two properties 1 ... For each short exact sequence as above, there is a long exact sequence 2 ... For each morphism of short exact sequences and for each non-negative n, the induced square is commutative (the δn on the top is that corresponding to the short exact sequence of M's whereas the one on the ...
Splitting Lemma
... category, the following statements for short exact sequence are equivalent ... Given a short exact sequence with maps q and r one writes the additional arrows t and u for maps that may not exist Then the following are equivalent (see Proposition 4.3, p.16, of the ... The short exact sequence is called split if any of the above statements hold ...

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    Reminiscences, even extensive ones, do not always amount to an autobiography.... For autobiography has to do with time, with sequence and what makes up the continuous flow of life. Here, I am talking of a space, of moments and discontinuities. For even if months and years appear here, it is in the form they have in the moment of recollection. This strange form—it may be called fleeting or eternal—is in neither case the stuff that life is made of.
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    The absence of the beloved, short though it may last, always lasts too long.
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    The really great novel ... tends to be the exact negative of its author’s life.
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