Shimazu Nariakira

Shimazu Nariakira (島津 斉彬?, April 28, 1809 – August 24, 1858) was a Japanese feudal lord (daimyō) of the Edo period, the 28th in the line of Shimazu clan lords of Satsuma Domain. He was renowned as an intelligent and wise lord, and was greatly interested in Western learning and technology. He was enshrined after death as the Shinto kami Terukuni Daimyōjin (照国大明神?) in May 1863.

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Shimazu Nariakira - Love of Education and Western Culture
... Nariakira was considered one of the wisest daimyō of his time, thanks to his love of education ... In 1812, at age three, Nariakira was designated the heir to the Satsuma lordship by his father ... As with any daimyō’s heir, Nariakira was prepared for his future role, by receiving a well-rounded education in the martial and scholarly arts ...
Satsuma Domain - History - Bakumatsu
... The Satsuma Daimyo of the 1850s, Shimazu Nariakira, was very interested in Western thought and technology, and sought to open the country ... To increase his influence in the Shogunate, Nariakira engineered a marriage between Shogun Tokugawa Iesada and his adopted daughter, Atsu-hime (later Tenshōin) ... In the same year, both Iesada and Nariakira died ...
Shimazu Nariakira - Associates and Death
... In the course of his life, Nariakira made many friends in high places ... in regards to Japan’s national military defense and was the one who placed Nariakira in charge of Satsuma’s dealing with the Ryūkyū Western Trade Treaty crisis ... Abe, and indirectly, the Tokugawa shogun, were disturbed by Nariakira’s removal from responsibility over the Ryūkyū Western Trade Treaty crisis because their policy concerning the crisis was ...