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The genies (or Djinn) are beings of pure magic. While they at first come off as trustworthy friends of the people of Muq'Abar, a rogue band of genies have been plotting against the humans and have taken the sultan hostage. If Alleron chooses the Djinn form, he obtains the Gaseous Form spell, which can only be cast while in Djinn form. This spell temporarily allows Alleron to pass freely through most bars and grates (typically good for finding shortcuts and secrets.) However, the Gaseous form does not prevent Alleron from dealing damage or taking damage while in combat.

The Djinn grunt is a chubby blue genie who wears a turban and wields a sword. His legs are semi-transparent.

The Djinn shaman is a red, muscular genie who carries a weapon that somewhat resembles a bladed boomerang. Contrary to the manual, this form does NOT grant Alleron the Imprison spell (in fact, that spell is not in the game at all, nor is it listed in the manual.) Rather, this form grants Alleron the Nuke spell, which is pretty useful at a distance. However, the Nuke spell will damage and knock Alleron back if his target is too close. Also contrary to the manual, Alleron retains the Nuke spell even if he upgrades to the Djinn mage or warlord form.

The Djinn mage somewhat resembles Jafar from Aladdin, except instead of legs, he seems to have some sort of tornado that continuously kicks up dirt. If Alleron chooses this form, he obtains the Fascination spell, which befuddles enemies in a radius, causing them to temporarily stand defenseless in place.

The Djinn warlord is a deep blue figure with broad shoulders and a whirlwind in place of legs. He wields a long bladed staff and takes a considerable amount of damage. If Alleron chooses this form, he obtains the Roaming Eye spell, which is good for first-timers who do not know the layout of the game so well. This spell generates a magical eye that the player can temporarily steer to stake out remote areas.

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