Shifter may mean:

  • Shifter (bicycle part), or gear lever, a bicycle part that selects which gear the chain rests on
  • Shifter (tool), an adjustable wrench/spanner
  • Shifter (Justice League Unlimited), a former superhero featured in the animated television series
  • Shifter (Dungeons & Dragons), a prestige class in the role-playing game
  • Shifter (Eberron), a race in the Eberron campaign setting of the Dungeons & Dragons role-playing game
  • In US English, The Gear stick lever, gearstick or gear lever of an automatic or manual transmission
  • A shapeshifting character in science fiction, fantasy fiction, and role-playing games
  • A switcher in the terminology of the Pennsylvania Railroad
  • Jenny Everywhere aka The Shifter, open source webcomic character
  • Barrel shifter, part of a computer processor that performs bit shifts

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