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Shi'a regarded this group as people who opposed Ahl al-Kisa or friends of Ahl al-Kisa.

  • Abu Sufyan ibn Harb for he was Muhammads arch enemy and Muawiya's father.
  • Muaviya ibn Abu Sufyan cursed Imam Ali, deceived the shia during the arbitration after Siffin, caused further division among the Muslims, had non Muslim advisers, and is responsible for poisoning Imam Hassan.
  • Abu Bakr ibn abu Qahafa with Umars help supposedly he usurped Ali's caliphate.
  • Umar ibn al-Khattab Regarded as an unholy and ignorant usurper and illegitimate leader, and according to shia he killed Fatima bintu Muhammad; see his main Wikipedia entry for partial further details of the Shia view (and the sharply contrasting Sunni view).
  • Uthman ibn Affan is a from the family of Ummayad. He allowed Muawiyah expand his power in Syria.
  • Khalid ibn al-Walid he is believed to have forced Imam Ali (as) to give bayah to Abu Bakr.
  • Amr ibn al-As aided Muawiya during the Battle of Siffin and on his order poisoned Malik ibn Ashter.
  • Marwan ibn al-Hakam cursed and oppressed the Ahlul Bayt, prevented the 2nd imam from being buried beside his grandfather, and usurped leadership after Muawiyah bin Yazid killed his commander Talha.
  • Anas ibn Malik was famous for his disillusionment towards Ali
  • Abdullah ibn Umar contradicted his father regarding temporary marriage and also other of his misunderstandings, did not give oath of allegiance to Ali.After Mauwiyah' death He also gave his oath of allegiance to Yazid.
  • Abd-Allah ibn Aamir Hadhrami was assigned as governor by Uthman.
  • Ziyad ibn Abu Sufyan father of Ubayd-Allah ibn Ziyad, the man that killed Muslim ibn Aqeel

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