Shebaa may refer to:

  • Shebaa, Lebanon, a village
  • Shebaa Farms, an area disputed by Israel, Syria and Lebanon
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  • Shaba

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Shebaa Farms
... The Shebaa Farms (Arabic مزارع شبعا‎, Mazāri‘ Šib‘ā Hebrew חוות שבעא‎, Havot Sheba‘a or הר דוב, Har Dov) are a small uninhabited territory claimed ... However, to resolve the issue, the UN has proposed that Israel also withdraw from the Shebaa Farms and that it be considered international territory ... The Shebaa Farms were then occupied by Israel in the 1967 Six-Day War ...
Shebaa Farms - Current Dispute
... Heights from Syria in 1967 during the Six Day War, the Shebaa Farms were considered in practice to be part of the Syrian territory ... cites the ongoing occupation of the Shebaa farms as one reason for its continued attacks on Israel ... Between 2000–2005, Hezbollah attacked the IDF at Shebaa/Har Dov 33 times, resulting in seven Israeli soldiers killed in action, three taken prisoner, and ...
May 17 Agreement - The Situation Today - Shebaa Farms
... infrequent skirmishes, Lebanon considers the Shebaa Farms area of the Golan Heights, to be under continued Israeli occupation ... with shelling and counter-raids in the Shebaa Farms or on other points along the border ... thus opposing the Lebanese demands for the Shebaa ...
Shebaa Farms - Lebanese Claims
... Lebanon claimed that the Shebaa Farms area was actually Lebanese, and demanded that the Israelis should therefore withdraw from there as well ... Senior Lebanese officials also linked the withdrawal of Israeli forces from Shebaa to Hezbollah’s disarmament ... and friendly countries help us achieve the withdrawal of Israel from Shebaa farms, this would make it possible for the Lebanese forces to be the sole owner of weapons and arms in ...