Share Price

A share price is the price of a single share of a number of saleable stocks of a company.

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Commander Australia - Share Price
... Since May 2007 where commanders share price was sitting at $2.45 on the ASX, its share price had fallen to 8.2c at the time it went into administration ... This effectively froze the value at 53c per share ... reinstated official quotation, within hours the share price halved ...
Fufeng Group
... Stock Exchange on February 8, 2007 with IPO price at HK$2.23 per share ... Its share price at the first trading day was HK$3.01, with 35% increase compared with its IPO price ... profit decline at the first half year in 2007 due to a rise in the price of corn, its share price dropped below IPO price and currently below HK$1 ...
Share Repurchase - Purpose - Tax-efficient Distribution of Earnings
... Share repurchases also allow companies to covertly distribute their earnings to investors without inflicting them with taxation ... a company were to pay US$100,000 in dividends on one million shares or as 10¢ dividend per share, investors may incur tax upon this disbursement ... of receiving 10¢ of earnings per share, they receive 8.5¢ (.10×(1 −.15)) at a 15% tax rate with 1.5¢ going to the government ...
Reverse Convertible Securities - Maturity Options - Delivery At Maturity
... there are two possible outcomes Cash Delivery If the stock closes at or above the initial share price upon valuation date, regardless of whether the stock closed below the knock-in level ... Physical Delivery If the underlying shares closed below the knock-in level at any time during the holding period and does not trade back up above the initial share price on ...
Share Price - History
... valuations being based upon ratios such as price per unit of earnings (from the income statement), price per unit of net worth (from the balance sheet) and price per unit of cash flow (from the funds statement) ... The next advance was to price individual shares rather than whole companies ... A price/dividends ratio began to be used ...

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