Sexuality is the quality of being sexual or possessing sex. It may also refer to:

Types of sexuality
  • Animal sexuality
    • Animal sexual behaviour
    • Human sexuality
      • Human male sexuality
      • Human female sexuality
      • Child sexuality
      • Human sexual activity
      • Sexual identity
      • Sexual orientation
  • Plant sexuality
  • "Sexuality" (Prince song), a 1981 song by Prince
  • "Sexuality" (Billy Bragg song)
  • Sexuality (album), by S├ębastien Tellier
  • Sexualities (journal), a peer-reviewed academic journal on sociology

Other articles related to "sexuality":

Sex In SF
... Sexuality in science fiction refers to the incorporation of sexual themes into science fiction or related genres ... sexual interactions in a science fictional setting, a character with an alternative sexuality as the protagonist, or exploration of the varieties of ... non-genre literature by their conventions of characterization and their effect on depictions of sexuality and gender ...
Sexuality And Space - Organizations
... of Geography, initial scepticism and even opposition to research on sexuality has given way to recognition that geographies of sexuality offer an important perspective on the relationship between ... academic organizations are devoted to the study of Sexuality and Space ... Sexuality and Space Speciality Group of the AAG, University of Leeds, United Kingdom Sexuality, Space and Queer Research Group of the Royal Geographical Society, UK ...
Singaporean Women - Sexuality
... With regard to sexuality, BBC News reported in 2001 that Singaporean women have a more open attitude about sexual intimacy in Asia ...
SESAMO - Assessment
... areas concerning previous and present sexuality and, at the same time, it takes into consideration all those elements that, even indirectly, could have affected the ... within the sexual sphere, roles within the couple and extrarelational sexuality (i.e ... outside couple sexuality) ...