Sewell may refer to:

In people:

  • Anna Sewell (1820–1878), British writer, author of Black Beauty, daughter of Mary Wright Sewell
  • Anthony Sewell (b. 1962), American Bicycle Motocross racer
  • Brian Sewell, English art critic
  • Brocard Sewell (1912–2000), British monk and literary figure
  • Cecil Harold Sewell, British Army lieutenant, recipient of the Victoria Cross during World War I
  • Edward Granville Sewell, American mathematician and Intelligent Design proponent
  • Elyse Sewell (b. 1982), American fashion model
  • George Sewell (b. 1924), English actor
  • Gillian Sewell (b. 1972), Canadian field hockey player
  • Harry Sewell (b. 1885), British steeple chaser and Olympic athlete
  • Harley Sewell, American football player
  • Henry Sewell (1807–1879), first prime minister of New Zealand, brother of James Edwards Sewell and William Sewell
  • James Edwards Sewell (1810–1903), warden of New College, Oxford, brother of Henry Sewell and William Sewell
  • James Witt Sewell (1865–1955), British author and professor of English
  • Joe Sewell (1898–1990), American baseball player, brother of Luke Sewell
  • John Sewell, Mayor of Toronto
  • John Sewell (Miami), third Mayor of Miami, Florida
  • John Sewell (footballer), English footballer who played during the 1970s
  • Luke Sewell (1901–1987), American baseball player and manager, brother of Joe Sewell
  • Mary Wright Sewell, British children's author and mother of Anna Sewell
  • Robert Sewell (lawyer) (1751-1828), Attorney General of Jamaica
  • Robert Sewell (historian) (1845–1925), British civil servant in India and Indian historian
  • Rufus Sewell (b. 1967), English actor
  • Sicily Sewell, (b. 1983), American actress
  • William Sewell (1804–1874), English author, brother of James Edwards Sewell and Henry Sewell
  • William Elbridge Sewell (1851-1904), Governor of Guam
  • William H. Sewell (1909–2001), Sociology professor and chancellor of UW-Madison
  • William Joyce Sewell (1835–1901), US Senator from New Jersey

In geography:

  • Sewell, Bedfordshire
  • Sewell, Chile
  • Sewell, New Jersey
  • Sewell's Point, Norfolk, Virginia, United States
  • Sewall, British Columbia, Canada, sometimes misspelled Sewell


  • 22815 Sewell, an asteroid

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