Seventh Month

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Millerism - A National Movement
... It continues to be published by the Seventh-day Adventist Church as a monthly evangelistic magazine under the same name ... In New York alone, in the five month period ending April 1843, 600,000 copies of various publications were distributed ... This belief sustained the Millerites through the months of May to July, 1844 ...
Mithra - In Tradition
... In the Zoroastrian calendar, the sixteenth day of the month and the seventh month of the year are dedicated to, and under the protection of, Mithra ... civil calendar of 1925 adopted Zoroastrian month-names, and as such also has the seventh month of the year named 'Mihr') ... The position of the sixteenth day and seventh month reflects the Mithra's rank in the hierarchy of the divinities the sixteenth day and seventh month are ...

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    Parents who want a fresh point of view on their furniture are advised to drop down on all fours and accompany the nine or ten month old on his rounds. It is probably many years since you last studied the underside of a dining room chair. The ten month old will study this marvel with as much concentration and reverence as a tourist in the Cathedral of Chartres.
    Selma H. Fraiberg (20th century)

    My bangles left.
    My best friends, tears,
    went on forever.
    My self-control
    wouldn’t sit still for a minute.
    My mind made itself up
    to go on ahead.
    When my man
    made up his mind to go,
    everything else went,
    just like him.
    if you must go, too,
    then don’t forsake
    your entourage of friends.
    Amaru (c. seventh century A.D.)