Seventh Century

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Succat - Seventh-century Writings
... Two works by late seventh-century hagiographers of Patrick have survived ... These works thus date from a century and a half after Patrick's death ... monasteries founded by his converts, may relate to the situation in the seventh century, when the churches which claimed ties to Patrick, and in particular Armagh, were expanding ...
Cooch Behar - History
... was a part of the Ratnapth of ancient Kamrup till the middle of the seventh century and according to Sailen Debnath, the area became a part of the Kamata kingdom or Kamatapur since the second half of the ...
List Of Anglo-Welsh Wars - Seventh Century
... The Anglo-Saxons consolidate their hold on southern and eastern Britain ... The Mercian Angles made substantial gains in central Britain (today known as the English Midlands) ...
Franks - Military - Merovingian Military - Composition and Development
... In the late sixth century, during the wars instigated by Fredegund and Brunhilda, the Merovingian monarchs introduced a new element into their militaries the local levy ... Thuringii all had the levy and it could be depended upon by the Frankish monarchs until the mid-seventh century, when the stem dukes began to sever their ties ... levy gradually disappeared in the course of the seventh century after the reign of Dagobert I ...

Famous quotes by seventh century:

    Expecting me to grovel,
    she carefully covers both feet
    with the hem of her skirt.
    She pretends to hide
    a coming smile
    and won’t look straight at me.
    When I talk to her,
    she chats with her friend
    in cross tones.
    Even this slim girl’s rising anger
    delights me,
    let alone her deep love.
    Amaru (c. seventh century A.D.)

    She’s in the house.
    She’s at turn after turn.
    She’s behind me.
    She’s in front of me.
    She’s in my bed.
    She’s on path after path,
    and I’m weak from want of her.
    O heart,
    there is no reality for me
    other than she she
    she she she she
    in the whole of the reeling world.
    And philosophers talk about Oneness.
    Amaru (c. seventh century A.D.)

    Hard-hearted girl,
    get rid of these doubts
    based on false rumor.
    It’s not good
    to subject me to sorrow
    because of backbiters’ words,
    or have you decided now,
    silly girl,
    that it’s all true?
    Do to me what you will,
    Suit yourself.
    Amaru (c. seventh century A.D.)

    intimate words,
    heart-stealing flattery,
    a tight embrace
    of my thinner-than-thin body,
    violent kisses all over—
    getting angry is worth the risk,
    but even still,
    I’m not interested.
    My lover
    is dear to my heart,
    so how could I be like that
    on purpose?
    Amaru (c. seventh century A.D.)

    Hearing the low sound
    of a cloud scattering rain
    at midnight
    and thinking for an eternity
    on his absent young wife,
    a traveller heaved a sigh
    and with a flood of tears
    howled the whole night long.
    Now, villagers won’t let him stay
    in their place anymore.
    Amaru (c. seventh century A.D.)