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Passenger Rail Transport In China - Passenger Train Classes and Route Identifiers - Classes
... indicates the class of the passenger train, often determined by the speed and the relative number of stops the train makes along the way ... As the Rule of The Edit and Management of Train Timetable, a rule issued by Ministry of Railway, the arrangement of following passenger train classes was put into practice from April 1, 2009 ... G ("Gaosu" High Speed EMU) This is a series for long-distance high-speed trains ...
Toronto Rocket (Toronto Subway Car) - Delivery
... The new Toronto Rocket trains were expected to be delivered starting in late 2009 and start passenger service in early 2010 ... which was to install door components for the TTC's new subway trains ... The initial order signed in 2006 called for 234 cars, making for 39-six-car fixed trains, this would allow the TTC to replace the older H4 and H5 series trains with the new TR series trains ...
Tsubasa (train) - History - Shinkansen Service (1992–)
... Services used 6-car 400 series trains coupled to a 200 series on Tōhoku Shinkansen tracks between Tokyo and Fukushima ... From December 1993, all trains were extended to start and terminate at Tokyo Station, and in December 1994, service frequency was increased from 14 to 15 return workings daily ... From 1 December 1995, trains were extended to 7 cars ...
Toronto Rocket (Toronto Subway Car)
... The Toronto Rocket (TR) is the newest subway train model of the Toronto subway and RT network, in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, owned and operated by the Toronto Transit Commission (TTC) ... The TRs are the only trains operating in North America with a "six-car fixed" configuration with full-open interior gangways, similar to that on the TTC's Articulated Light Rail Vehicle and the future ... from one end to the other, unlike the previous TTC train models ...
117 Series - Operations - JR West - Reassignment To Kisei Main Line and Wakayama Line
... In March 2000, two 4-car sets of 300 sub-series trains were reassigned to Hineno Depot for operation on the Wakayama Line ... Until the reassignment, 113 series trains (sets G416 and G417) in the Shōnan green/orange livery were used for the line's morning rush services ... In March 2001, the 117 series trains assigned to Miyahara Depot were removed from the Nara Line's Miyakoji rapid service ...

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