Sequencer may refer to:

  • Electro-mechanical sequencer (Drum sequencer (controller), Cam timer, Piwheel controller), a system for controlling the sequence of events automatically
  • DNA sequencer, a machine used to automatically produce a sequence readout from a biological DNA sample
  • Microsequencer, a part of the control unit of a CPU
  • Music sequencer, software or hardware device for recording, playing, and editing digital music data
  • Video sequencer, software or hardware that changes between video feeds - such as those used in Closed-circuit television (CCTV) or digital video editing
  • Protein sequencer, a machine used to automatically produce a sequence readout from a biological protein sample
Arts and Entertainment
  • Sequencer (Larry Fast album), 1976
  • Sequencer (Covenant album), 1996
  • Sequencer (Scenario album), 1983

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Roland XP-50 - Sequencer
... The built-in 16-track sequencer is derived from the Roland MC-series hardware sequencers, and can import sequences saved on those machines ... The XP-50 sequencer also accepts standard MIDI files ... The sequencer can store up to 60,000 notes and 100 patterns ...
Ensoniq ASR-10 - Features - Sequencer
... The ASR-10 sequencer had an internal 96 pulse-per-quarter-note 16 track sequencer ... A 'song' was a collection of 'sequences' joined together, and users were able to jump to sequences live during a performance, in much the same way as software such as Ableton Live allows today ...
The Emotron - History - Early Years
... His Package in 1998, I knew that I wanted a QY700 Sequencer ... So I emailed Atom about his Yamaha sequencer, to my surprise I got an email back and soon ordered my Yamaha QY700 and in Jan 2004 The Emotron was born ... I started trying to figure the sequencer out and trying to write music for the first time ever in my life and scheduled a few house shows in smaller towns around McDonough, Georgia ...
The Multivox Range - Digital Sequencers
... SQ-01 - A combination of synthesizer and sequencer ... MX-8100 Sequencer - Digital keyboard sequencer with up to 4 patterns depending on how much memory you use for the patterns ...