Separate Species

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Multigenomic Organism
... that differ in their genome such that they are considered separate species ... multigenomic organism consisting of Homo sapiens and various species of bacteria in the digestive tract ... In nature Homo sapiens cannot survive without the bacteria, which are a separate species, but form a symbiotic relationship with the host organism ...
Oryzomys Couesi - Taxonomy - Costa Rica, Panama, and Colombia
... They suggested that these animals represented a species distinct from O ... couesi, but were unable to resolve the correct name for the species because they could not examine samples of dimidiatus or richmondi ... In 1918, Goldman kept the animal as a separate species, remarking that it was similar to richmondi, but distinctive in the well-developed ridges along the margins of the interorbital region ...
Splendid Fairywren - Taxonomy - Subspecies
... Initially, the three were considered separate species as they were described far from their borders with other subspecies ... melanotus, known as the Black-backed Fairywren, was described by John Gould in 1841 as a separate species ... was described in 1922 by amateur ornithologist Gregory Mathews as a separate species from the Lake Eyre Basin in central Australia ...
Brown-throated Wren - Classification
... Some authorities do not list the Brown-throated Wren as a separate species ... United States and northern Mexico have characters intermediate between the two species ... Here the Brown-throated Wren is considered a separate species following the Handbook of the Birds of the World ...
Marsh Rice Rat - Taxonomy - Species Boundaries and Subspecies
... Clinton Hart Merriam recognized natator as a separate species in 1901 and described a subspecies of it, floridanus, but considered texensis to be nearly identical ... Goldman again recognized all these as a single species, Oryzomys palustris ... Hibbard described a new species of Oryzomys, O ...

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