Separate School - Separate Schools On Racial Lines

Separate Schools On Racial Lines

From 1833 in Nova Scotia, and from 1850 in Upper Canada, provision was made for the establishment of separate schools for "Blacks or People of Colour". In 1886, Ontario clarified its law, so that such establishment could only occur after an application had been made by at least five Black families in the community.

In Ontario, separate schools for Blacks continued until 1891 in Chatham, 1893 in Sandwich, 1907 in Harrow, 1917 in Amherstburg, and 1965 in North Colchester and Essex. By 1960, there would still be seven formal Black school districts and three additional exclusively Black schools in Nova Scotia. The Ontario and Nova Scotia laws governing black separate schools were not repealed until the mid-1960s.

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