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Angel Tales - Characters - Guardian Angels (in Order of Age, Eldest First)
... Yuki is in the Senior rank ... Mika is in the Senior rank ... Ayumi is in the Senior rank ...
Joseon - Government - Central Government - Three Offices
... served in these offices tended to be younger and of lower rank compared to other offices but had strong academic reputation and enjoyed special privileges and great prestige (For instance, censors were ... by Inspector General (Daesaheon·대사헌), a position of 2nd junior rank, who oversaw 30 largely independent officials ... was composed of five officials, led by Chief Censor (Daesagan·대사간), of 3rd senior rank ...
Joseon - Government - Central Government - Other Offices
... were six royal secretaries (승지), one for each ministry, and all were of 3rd senior rank ... It was led by Paanyoon(판윤), of 2nd senior second rank equivalent to today's mayor of Seoul ... The official in charge was Daesaseong (대사성), of 3rd senior rank, and 36 other officials including those from other offices were involved in running the academy ...
Joseon - Government - The Officials
... The government officials were ranked in 18 levels, ranging from first senior rank (정1품, 正一品) down to ninth junior rank (종9품, 從九品) based on seniority and promotion, which was achieved ... The officials from 1st senior rank to 3rd senior rank wore red robes while those from 3rd junior rank to 6th junior rank wore blue and those below wore green robes ... with the highest score was appointed to a position of 6th junior rank (a jump of six ranks) ...

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    But he thought of his sisters, proud and cold,
    And his mother, vain of her rank and gold.
    John Greenleaf Whittier (1807–1892)

    Never burn bridges. Today’s junior prick, tomorrow’s senior partner.
    Kevin Wade, U.S. screenwriter, and Mike Nichols. Katharine Parker (Sigourney Weaver)