Sendai Domain

Sendai Domain (仙台藩, Sendai-han?) was a Japanese domain of the Edo period. Most of its holdings were contiguous, covering all of present-day Miyagi Prefecture, small portions of southern Iwate Prefecture, and a portion of northeastern Fukushima Prefecture.

The domain's capital, and the ruling family's castle, were located in what became the modern Sendai City. Ruled for the entirety of its history by the Date clan, the another name of this domain is the Date Domain (伊達藩, Date-han?)

It constituted the largest domain in northern Japan, with its official income rating at 625,000 koku, and one of the largest domains in the entire country, after the Satsuma Domain and Kaga Domain. Its jitsudaka, or true income level, is said to have been somewhere between one and two million koku. Sendai was the focal point of the Ouetsu Reppan Domei during the Boshin War. Unlike the nearby Aizu domain, Sendai survived the war largely intact, though with a severely reduced income rating. It was disbanded with the other domains in 1873.

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