Semi Periphery

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Semi-periphery Countries - Effects
... The semi-peripheral nations of the world have played an important role to world trade and interaction since early periods of globalized trade ... between the very powerful cores and the backwaters of the far periphery allowed those two zones to interact with greater ease ... example, during the 13th-century world system, the semi-periphery areas around Europe's Mediterranean Coast facilitated trade between the peripheries of the more ...
Semi-periphery Countries - History and Development - 1875-1914
... The West represented both the core and the semi-periphery, as Europe dominated 80% of the world's market share ... Much of the rest of the world was a diverse periphery, though Japan was a notable exception ... United States, while old cores such as Spain and Portugal faded to the semi-periphery ...

Famous quotes containing the word periphery:

    We make a mistake forsaking England and moving out into the periphery of life. After all, Taormina, Ceylon, Africa, America—as far as we go, they are only the negation of what we ourselves stand for and are: and we’re rather like Jonahs running away from the place we belong.
    —D.H. (David Herbert)