Selina is a common female given name, of Greek origin, meaning "moon". It can also be spelled Celina, and Selena. Selina may refer to:

  • Selina Kyle, alter ego of the original Catwoman, the DC Comics character
  • Selina Chow (born 1945), Hong Kong politician and broadcaster
  • Selina Cooper (1864-1946), suffragist
  • Selina Griffiths, British actress
  • Selina Hastings, Countess of Huntingdon (1707-1791), Christian revivalist, Methodist
  • Selina Kuruleca, Fijian psychotherapist and commentator
  • Selina Jen, member of the girl-band S.H.E.
  • Selina Scott, former British newsreader and television presenter

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Steven Matheson - Reception
... the moment Steven decides to marry Selina as a scandal because she was his student ... kid on the block." The Birmingham Post observed Steven's relationship with Selina as a "tale of twists" becoming more "twisted" with time ... A columnist for The Newcastle Herald chose Steven and Selina's 1998 return episode as one of their "TV Highlights" ...
List Of East Enders Characters (2008) - Penny Branning
25 January 1998 Occupation Student Family Family Branning Father Jack Branning Mother Selina Branning Uncles Max Branning Penelope "Penny" Branning ... finds a message on his answerphone from Selina, ranting about the birthday present ... Ronnie answers the phone and meets Selina ...
So Big (1953 Film) - Plot
... In the late 1890s, boarding school student Selina Peake learns of the death of her father, who has left her penniless as the result of bad business transactions ... discovering the boy has an ear for music, Selina gives Roelf piano lessons and encourages his artistic talents, leading him away from juvenile delinquency ... Facing financial difficulties, Selina reunites with Julie, now the divorced mother of two ...
Selina Branning
... Selina Branning, played by Daisy Beaumont, is the ex-wife of Jack Branning (Scott Maslen), and mother of their daughter Penny Branning (Mia McKenna Bruce) ... Selina is first heard when she leaves a message for Jack and Ronnie Mitchell (Samantha Womack) speaks to her on the phone ... Ronnie later visits Selina and speaks to her about Jack not being allowed to see their daughter, Penny ...
She-Cat - Fictional Character Biography
... Cassandra Cartland meets Selina Kyle at the orphanage to which Selina was sent ... Cassandra once asked Selina to join her in stealing food from the kitchen ... Selina refused, already wanting to do things alone ...