Sei can refer to:

  • Sei whale, a baleen whale
  • Sei (album), by Brazilian singer and composer Nando Reis
  • ISO 639 code for the Seri language, spoken in two Mexican villages
  • Sei Ashina (born 1983), Japanese actress
  • Indrek Sei (born 1972), Estonian freestyle swimmer

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Sei Fuwa
... Sei Fuwa (不破 整, Fuwa Sei?) was a Japanese football player ... He was a member of the Japan national team for the 1936 Summer Olympics football competition in Berlin, but did not actually compete, as he was the team's reserve goalkeeper behind Rihei Sano ...
Seiðr - Terminology and Etymology
... Further information witch (etymology) The etymology of seiðr is unclear, but related words in Old High German (see German Saite, used both in string instruments and in bows ... However, it is not clear how this derivation relates to the practice of seiðr ... It has been suggested that the use of a cord in attraction may be related to seiðr, where attraction is one element of the practice of seiðr magic described in Norse literature and with witchcraft in ...
Mythology - Freyja and Seiðr
... Like Oðinn, the Norse goddess Freyja is also associated with 'seiðr' in the surviving literature ... written by Icelandic poet Snorri Sturluson, it is stated that 'seiðr' had originally been a practice among the Vanir clan of gods, but that Freyja, who was herself a member of the Vanir, had ... Hon kenndi fyrst með Ásum seið, sem Vönum var títt' ('Njörðr’s daughter was Freyja ...
Lei, Gli Amici E Tutto Il Resto - Track Listing
... Title Length 1 Laura non c'è 2 ... Sei grande 3 ... Restiamo qui 4 ... Vivere senza te 5 ... Tu sei, tu sai 6 ... Sei 7 ... Dimmi cos'è 8 ... Vai sola 9 ... Solo 10 ... E non mi dire che ho bevuto 11 ... Nati ...