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Sefton (horse) - Early Life
... Sefton was born in July 1963 in County Waterford, Ireland, as a cross between an Irish Draught mare and a local Thoroughbred stallion (thought to have been called Honour's Choice) ... Here, he was named Sefton after Lord Sefton, a former Household Cavalry officer, but was nicknamed 'Sharky' in the stable, due to his predereliction for biting ... However, by the summer of 1969, Sefton had gained a reputation for being difficult, and for breaking ranks, fidgeting and napping ...
Molyneux Baronets - Molyneux of Sefton, Lancashire (1611)
2nd Baronet ( Created Viscount Molyneux in 1628) For further succession see Earl of Sefton Extinct on the death of the last Earl of Sefton ...
Sefton (horse) - The IRA Bombing
... On 20 July 1982 at 1040am Sefton was en route to the traditional Changing of the Guard, with 15 other horses from his regiment ... Sefton and eight of his stablemates also sustained injuries, although Sefton's were the most serious of the surviving horses ... Sefton's injuries were serious they included a severed jugular vein, wounded left eye, and 34 wounds over his body ...