Seeker may refer to:

  • Seeker, a member of the 17th century religious group the Seekers, a forerunner of the Quakers
  • Seeker, a person perceived by Quakers as likely to become an adherent and thus come to be a "convinced Friend"
  • Seeker, musician, member of The Seekers
Fictional characters
  • Seeker (comics), a Marvel Comics character
  • Seeker (Well of Echoes), a character in the Well of Echoes series of novels
  • Seeker, Teela Brown's final partner in Ringworld
  • Seeker, character from Transformers, see list of Decepticons
  • Seeker, species in The Elenium series of books
  • Seeker, character from The Garden series of novels
Game roles
  • Seeker, a role in the Quidditch game in the Harry Potter series of novels
  • Seeker (Noble Warriors Trilogy), fantasy novel written by William Nicholson
  • Seeker (novel), a science fiction novel by Jack McDevitt
Other uses
  • HMC Seeker, a customs cutter of the UK Border Agency
  • Legend of the Seeker, a 2008 fantasy television series based on "The Sword of Truth" books by Terry Goodkind

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Famous quotes containing the word seeker:

    But lest I should mislead any when I have my own head and obey my whims, let me remind the reader that I am only an experimenter. Do not set the least value on what I do, or the least discredit on what I do not, as if I pretended to settle any thing as true or false. I unsettle all things. No facts are to me sacred; none are profane; I simply experiment, an endless seeker with no Past at my back.
    Ralph Waldo Emerson (1803–1882)

    He was always a seeker after something in the world that is there in no satisfying measure, or not at all.
    Walter Pater (1839–1894)

    He runs face forward. He is a pursuer.
    He seeks a seeker who in his turn seeks
    Another still, lost far into the distance.
    Robert Frost (1874–1963)