Sedimentary Rocks

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Benoît De Maillet - The Argument
... always understand, all the major types of rocks forming the Earth's crust ... From the observation of fossilized shells embedded in sedimentary rocks on mountains high above sea level, de Maillet recognized the true nature of fossils ... diversified and their remains were covered with sediment and became secondary rocks laid down on the sides of primitive mountains ...
Sierran Arc - Geology
... At the same time, older sedimentary materials and rocks were subjected to regional metamorphism throughout much of Southern California ... In the region today, granitic rocks of Mesozic age dominate the bedrock exposed in the Peninsular Ranges, western Transverse Range, the southern Sierra ... thick sequences (accumulations) of Mesozoic-age sedimentary rocks, mostly marine shales and sandstone of Jurassic and Cretaceous age, are locally preserved along the western side of the ...
Palmgrove National Park - Description - Flora and Fauna
... Eucalyptus cambageana open forest to woodland on fine-grained sedimentary rocks Semi-evergreen vine thicket on fine grained sedimentary rocks Acacia harpophylla and/or Casuarina cristata open forest on fine-gr ...
... Mudrocks are a class of fine grained siliciclastic sedimentary rocks ... At first sight the rock types look quite similar however, there are important differences in composition and nomenclature ... including Mudrocks are the least understood, and one of the most understudied sedimentary rocks to date It is difficult to study mudrock constituents, due to their diminutive size ...
Laurentia - Interior Platform
... In the United States, the craton bedrock is covered with sedimentary rocks of the interior platform except in northern Minnesota, Wisconsin, the Adirondacks of New York and the Upper Peninsula ... The sequence of rocks varies from approximately 1,000 to in excess of 6,100 metres (3,500–20,000 ft) in thickness ... The cratonic rocks are metamorphic and igneous, while the overlying sedimentary rocks are composed mostly of limestones, sandstones, and shales ...

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