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Jardin Botanique De Sedan
... The Jardin botanique de Sedan is a botanical garden and city park located on Philippoteaux Avenue beside the Place d'Alsace-Lorraine, Sedan, Ardennes, Champagne-Ar ...
Sedan, West Virginia
... Sedan is an unincorporated community in Hampshire County in the U.S ... Sedan is located between Hanging Rock and Delray on Delray Road (West Virginia Route 29) in the North River Valley ... The community was named for the Battle of Sedan, shortly after the battle was fought during the Franco-Prussian War on September 1, 1870 ...
Lincoln MKS
... The Lincoln MKS is a full-size luxury sedan from the Lincoln division of the Ford Motor Company ... The MKS became the marque's sole full-size sedan in the 2012 model year with the discontinuation of the Town Car, its predecessor ... It also became the longest domestic production sedan at 204.1 in (5,184 mm) overall length ...
Close-coupled Sedan
... A close-coupled sedan is an obsolete type of car body which disappeared from the United States market by World War II, though it survived elsewhere for a time ... It was a four-windowed sedan with a trunk that from front to rear was almost as thin as an upright suitcase ... vehicle was a bit lighter, and hence less expensive, than a regular sedan of the day, which had its rear-seat passengers sitting over the differential ...
Litter (vehicle) - In The West - The End of A Tradition
... In Great Britain, in the early 19th century, the public sedan chair began to go out of use, perhaps because streets were better paved or perhaps because of the rise of the more ... In Glasgow, the decline of the sedan chair is illustrated by licensing records which show twenty-seven sedan chairs in 1800, eighteen in 1817, and ten in 1828 ...

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    One way to do it might be by making the scenery penetrate the automobile. A polished black sedan was a good subject, especially if parked at the intersection of a tree-bordered street and one of those heavyish spring skies whose bloated gray clouds and amoeba-shaped blotches of blue seem more physical than the reticent elms and effusive pavement. Now break the body of the car into separate curves and panels; then put it together in terms of reflections.
    Vladimir Nabokov (1899–1977)