• (adj): Concerning those not members of the clergy.
    Example: "The choir sings both sacred and secular music"
    Synonyms: laic, lay

Some articles on secular:

Secular Homeschooling (magazine)
... Secular Homeschooling is an American magazine for people who homeschool for reasons other than religion ... As a specifically non-religious magazine, Secular Homeschooling discusses some topics differently than other homeschooling magazines might ...
Secular Religion
... Secular religion is the ideas, theories or philosophies that involve no spiritual component yet possess qualities similar to those of a religion ... The secular religion operates in a secular society by filling a role which would be satisfied by a church or another religious authority ...
Sean Faircloth - Secular Coalition For America
... Faircloth began as Executive Director of the Secular Coalition for America in 2009 ... also advocates and speaks around the United States regarding secular public policy and the harm that he believes can come to average citizens if the secular nature of ... Members of The Advisory Board of Secular Coalition for America have included Richard Dawkins, Sam Harris, Christopher Hitchens, Wendy Kaminer, Michael Newdow, Salman Rushdie, Julia Sweeney ...
Stock Market Cycles - Longer Term Cycles: Cyclical, Secular and Kondratiev
... and bear market phases lasting 1–3 years, while Secular cycles last about 30 years with bull and bear market phases lasting 10–20 years ... It is also generally accepted that it is in a secular bear phase as it has been stagnant since the stock market peak in 2000 ... The longer term Kondratiev cycles are two Secular cycles in length and last roughly 60 years ...
Scottish College, Douai
... of the long dispute between the Jesuits and the secular clergy which centred round it in later times ... in 1594, not as a new foundation, but as the continuation of a secular college at Pont-à-Mousson in Lorraine, which, owing to the unhealthfulness of the site, had to seek a new home ... claimed the property as their own, although it was admitted that in its early years secular clergy had been educated there ...

Famous quotes containing the word secular:

    Oxford is a little aristocracy in itself, numerous and dignified enough to rank with other estates in the realm; and where fame and secular promotion are to be had for study, and in a direction which has the unanimous respect of all cultivated nations.
    Ralph Waldo Emerson (1803–1882)

    Psychologists have set about describing the true nature of women with a certainty and a sense of their own infallibility rarely found in the secular world.
    Naomi Weisstein, U.S. psychologist, feminist, and author. Psychology Constructs the Female (1969)

    ... the generation of the 20’s was truly secular in that it still knew its theology and its varieties of religious experience. We are post-secular, inventing new faiths, without any sense of organizing truths. The truths we accept are so multiple that honesty becomes little more than a strategy by which you manage your tendencies toward duplicity.
    Ann Douglas (b. 1942)