Seat - Types of Seat

Types of Seat

The following are examples of different kinds of seat:

  • Airline seat, for passengers in an aircraft
  • Bar stool, a high stool used in bars
  • Bench, a long hard seat
  • Bicycle seat, a saddle on a bicycle
  • Car seat, a seat in an automobile
  • Chair, a seat with a back
  • Chaise longue, a soft chair with leg support
  • Couch, a long soft seat
  • Ejection seat, rescue seat in an aircraft
  • Folding seat, a seat in a transit bus or a railcar
  • Infant car seat, for a small child in a car
  • Jump seat, auxiliary seat in a vehicle
  • Left seat, pilot in command's seat
  • Pew, a long seat in a church
  • Right seat, co-pilot's seat
  • Saddle, a type of seat used on the backs of animals, bicycles, lap etc.
  • Sliding seat, in a rowing boat
  • Sofa, alternative name for couch
  • Stool, a seat with no armrests or back
  • Throne, a seat for a monarch

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