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San Beda Red Lions
... The San Beda Red Lions are the National Collegiate Athletic Association (Philippines) sports team of San Beda College ... Although the other senior varsity teams may also be referred to as the Red Lions, there are other more appropriate names for each specific sport ... The swimming team are known as the Sea Lions, the Football team the Red Booters, the Chess team, the Red Woodpushers ...
List Of Mammals Of Alaska - Carnivorans - Seals, Sea Lions, and Walrus
... seals are found in the parts of the Bering, Chukchi, and Beaufort seas where sea ice forms in the winter ... Bearded seals are generally solitary and migrate seasonally to follow moving sea ice ... When sea ice recedes in summer, bearded seals are densely concentrated, but when sea ice occupies much of the northern seas during winter, bearded seals are much less densely populated ...
MarineLand - Animal Exhibits
... Xena ( Pregnant), Belyi Medical Tank Open The King Waldorf Stadium Show Featuring mainly sea lions, walrus and bottlenose dolphins, and soon belugas ... The King Waldorf Stadium Show includes dolphins jumping in the air and sea lions with comedy ... Apollo and Smooshi Aquarium Dome This tank is now a retirement centre for the elderly sea lions ...
Galápagos Sea Lion - Behavior and Male Competition
... Galápagos sea lions are especially vulnerable to human activity ... To avoid overheating during the day, sea lions will take refuge from the sun under vegetation, rocks, and cliffs ... Not only are sea lions social, they are also quite vocal ...
Vancouver Aquarium - Animals At The Aquarium
... The Aquarium is home to two sea otters Tanu is a 4 year old female who was abandoned as a pup, rescued by the Alaska SeaLife Center and later moved to the Aquarium ... Tikva, Tuku, Kyoo, Aya, and Ani), and four female Steller sea lions (Willo, Ashby, Rogue, and Izzy) ... The sea lions actually belong to the University of British Columbia, and are part of a research program aimed at studying the causes for the collapse of the Steller sea lion population in Alaska ...

Famous quotes containing the words lions and/or sea:

    these heroic happy dead
    who rushed like lions to the roaring slaughter
    they did not stop to think they died instead
    then shall the voice of liberty be mute?

    He spoke. And drank rapidly a glass of water
    —E.E. (Edward Estlin)

    Wild roses, at your back porch, break their blood,
    And bud to test surprises of sea air,
    Howard Moss (b. 1922)