Scrapper (Transformers) - Transformers



Decepticon Scrapper drone
Sub-group Drones
Alternate Modes Forklift
Series Transformers

Scrapper does not appear in the 2007 Transformers movie. However, he appears in the video game as an orange colored drone. Scrapper transforms into a forklift truck. Both Autobot and Decepticon drones are orange colored. Autobot versions have eyes and a 'mask' while Decepticon versions have only a single eye.

The Scrapper drone was one of two types of drone whose names were put up for voting on the game's web-site. The other names came from past Transformers characters, including Erector, Grapple and Hoist.

The Scrapper drones are the only type of drone that do not shield and block gunfire, making them the weakest in defense.

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