Scramble may refer to:

  • Scramble (video game), a 1981 arcade game
  • Scramble (comics), an enemy of the Marvel Comics Canadian superhero team Alpha Flight
  • Scramble (film), a 1970 British drama film
  • Scramble (golf), a team play scoring system in golf
  • Scramble (song), a song by Yui Horie, opening of the anime series School Rumble
  • Scrambling (syntax), a linguistic term for variation of word order
  • Scrambler, in telecommunications, a device that encodes a message at the transmitter to make the message unintelligible
  • Scrambled eggs, a dish made from the lightly beaten combined egg whites and yolks
  • Scrambling, a method of ascending rocky faces and ridges
  • Motorcycle scrambling, a form of motorcycle racing or all-terrain vehicle racing held on enclosed off-road circuits
  • Pedestrian scramble, a pedestrian crossing system that stops all traffic and allows pedestrians to cross intersections
  • Quarterback scramble, an impromptu play in Canadian and American football
  • Scrambling (military), rapid deployment of aircraft, usually fighters, to meet an incoming threat
  • National Residency Matching Program, part of which was called the Scramble, where medical students who did not match compete to get residencies
  • Scramble, an 18th century form of slave auction during which purchasers would "scramble" to collect as many slaves as they could.

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Scramble (comics) - Fictional Character Biography
... He now went by the name of Scramble, the Mixed-Up Man, and soon went about altering the hospital staff and patients into hideously deformed zombies (unintentionally ... The insane Scramble believed himself to be little more than a doctor caring for his patients ... and there Madison fully realized the depth of Scramble's insanity, while also believing there was still good in him ...
List Of School Rumble Albums - Opening and Ending Themes - Scramble - Track Listing
... Scramble (スクランブル) Go!Go!Golden Days Scramble (off vocal) Go!Go!Golden Days (off vocal) ...
Scramble (comics)
... Scramble (Lionel Jeffries), also known as Scramble the Mixed-Up Man, was a Marvel Comics supervillain and Canadian mutant ...
Transformers: Scramble City - Notes
... Scramble City is part of the Japanese continuity, but not the American ... Scramble City Toys is not part of either, and is simply a toy advert ... For Scramble City the first seven minutes or so of the episode consists of recycled animation sequences from the G1 episodes "More than Meets the Eye" (the three part ...

Famous quotes containing the word scramble:

    Stevenson had noble ideas—as did the young Franklin for that matter. But Stevenson felt that the way to implement them was to present himself as a thoughtful idealist and wait for the world to flock to him. He considered it below him, or wrong, to scramble out among the people and ask them what they wanted. Roosevelt grappled voters to him. Stevenson shied off from them. Some thought him too pure to desire power, though he showed ambition when it mattered.
    Garry Wills, U.S. historian. Certain Trumpets: The Call of Leaders, ch. 9, Simon & Schuster (1994)