SCR may refer to:

In business:

  • Solvency Capital Requirement Solvency II.

In associations, companies, institutions:

  • Smyrna Cassaba Railway an Ottoman railway
  • Senior Common Room of a higher education institution
  • South Central Railway in India
  • Southern Counties Radio, the former BBC Local Radio service for part of southern England.
  • Supreme Court Reports of Canada
  • South Coast Repertory, theatre located in Costa Mesa, California
  • Sydney Coal Railway
  • Sacred Congregation of Rites, a former Congregation of the Roman Curia

In computer, informatics, communication:

  • Satellite channel router
  • Screener, a movie piracy rip, a motion picture film transfer process identifier
  • Signal Corps Radio or Set, Complete, Radio, U.S. Army Signal Corps designation.
  • Studio Control Room, also known as Production Control Rooms or Galleries that manage Television studio productions.
  • Summary Care Record, centralised database holding patient data in England and Wales
  • System Clock Reference used inside transport streams which are part of the MPEG family of protocols used for Audio Video synchronization
  • System Change Request used in some formal software tracking systems.
  • System Configuration Repository
  • The file extension (.scr) used for Microsoft Windows screensavers, but can also be trojans.
  • Sustainable Cell Rate, a source traffic characteristic on ATM networks

In electrical

  • Short circuit ratio, a measure of stability characteristics.

In electronics

  • Silicon-controlled rectifier, a type of thyristor
  • Space charge region, part of a semiconductor device
  • Saturable Cored Reactor, a type of magnetic amplifier
  • Signal-to-Clutter Ratio, a parameter used in radar processing

In medicine:

  • Serum creatinine, measure of creatinine levels in the blood, measured to determine kidney function
  • Skin conductance response, previously referred to as galvanic skin response

In marketing:

  • Share of Category Requirements, defined to be each brand's market share among tiers of the brand.
  • Service Call Rate

In roads

  • South Circular Road (disambiguation)
  • South Cross Route

In other:

  • Salford City Reds, an English Rugby League team
  • Seabird Colony Register, The JNCC's
  • Selective catalytic reduction, a technology for control of NOx emissions in furnace flue gas and internal combustion engine exhaust
  • Seychellois rupee, the ISO 4217 code for the currency of Seychelles
  • Semi Closed Rebreather, scuba diving equipment
  • Solid Core Recovery, an expression used for qualifying the quality of a rock mass in boreholes
  • Sport Club do Recife, a brazilian soccer team
  • The Supreme Court Review, a peer-edited law review in the United States
  • Steel Catenary Riser, a type of pipe used for transporting production fluids offshore from the well to the oil rig.

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LB&SCR B2 Class
... The London, Brighton and South Coast Railway (LB SCR) B2 class was a class of small 4-4-0 steam locomotives intended for express passenger work on the LB SCR London to Portsmouth line ...
SCR-658 Radar
... The SCR-658 radar was developed in conjunction with the SCR-268 radar ... It was preceded by the SCR-258 ...
Solvency II Directive - Pillar 1
... provisions and Solvency Capital Requirement (SCR) using either a standard formula given by the regulators or an internal model developed by the (re)insurance company ... The SCR is the capital required to ensure that the (re)insurance company will be able to meet its obligations over the next 12 months with a probability of at least 99.5% ... In addition to the SCR capital a Minimum capital requirement (MCR) must be calculated which represents the threshold below which the national supervisor ...
SCR-694 - History
... The SCR-694 replaced the SCR-284 and was later replaced by the AN/GRC-9 ... stationary vehicles or as a portable field radio set, the SCR-694 was originally intended for use by mountain troops and airborne forces but soon became the Army-wide standard ...