Scouting in Scotland - The Scout Association in Scotland - South East Scotland Region

The South East Scotland Region was formed by amalgamating the four previous Scout Areas of Borders, East Lothian, Midlothian, and City of Edinburgh.

There are now seven Scout Districts in the Region:

  • Braid - merging Blackford and Morningside (from April 2012)
  • Borders. The old Area was 4 Districts: Berwickshire District, Ettrick and Lauderdale District, Roxburgh District, Tweeddale District.
  • East Lothian. The old Area was 2 Districts: North — East Lothian District and South — East Lothian District
  • Craigalmond - merging Haymarket and Inverleith (from April 2012) Craigalmond Scouts
  • Edinburgh North East - merging Leith District and Portobello District
  • Midlothian
  • Pentland

The Edinburgh Scout Area was formerly 8 Districts: Blackford, Haymarket, Inverleith, Leith, Merchiston (Merger Gorgie and Craiglockhart Districts), Morningside, Pentlands and Almond Valley and Portobello.

When the Edinburgh Scout Area was changed to South East Region the area contained 10 Districts: Borders, East Lothian, Midlothian, Pentland, Haymarket, Blackford, Morningside, Leith and Portobello. The changes made in April 2012 reflect the current Scouting Area.

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