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Royal Scots Greys - Second World War - 1944–1945: North-West Europe
... As part of the Battle of Caen, the Scots Greys took part in the fighting for Hill 112 ... During the fighting for Hill 112, the Scots Greys came to realize disparity between the Sherman II's of the regiment and the latest German armour, including the new Panthers ... In one incident, a 75mm equipped Sherman of the Scots Greys hit a Panther at 800 yards four times ...
English Army - History
... Guards (the New Model Army regiment of General Monck), the Royal Scots (formed from the Scotch guard in France), and the Second Queen's Royals ... general officers was connived to decide upon rank of English Irish and Scots regiments serving in the Netherlands, the regiment that became known as the Scots ... of several regiments, the seniority of the Scots Greys was reassessed and based on their entry into England in June 1685 ...
Christian Davies - Searching For Her Lost Husband - Dragoon
4th Royal North British Dragoons (later the Scots Greys) in 1697 ... for her husband, she would eventually re-enlist with the Scots Greys when the War of Spanish Succession began in 1701 ... Riding with the Scots Greys, she was wounded at the Battle of Schellenberg ...
Royal Scots Greys - Second World War - 1942–1943: Egypt, Libya, Tunisia
... With the conversion to armour complete, the Scots Greys were transferred to the Eighth Army ... By June, the Scots Greys were ready to join the fighting against the Axis ... Although combat ready, the Scots Greys did not participate in the fighting around Tobruk in the late spring and summer of 1942 ...
Christian Davies - Sutleress
... Welsh, was formally discharged from the Scots Greys ... As part of her discharge, the officers of the Scots Greys paid for a new wardrobe for Mrs ... of her husband, she became involved with a Captain Ross of the Scots Greys ...

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