Scope Input

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... capacitor to make an RC compensated divider with the cable capacitance and scope input ... of 90 pF in parallel with the scope input of 20 pF and 1 megohm (total capacitance 110 pF) also gives a time constant of 110 microseconds ... from the transmission line mismatch at the scope input and the probe that causes ringing ...

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    Family life is not a computer program that runs on its own; it needs continual input from everyone.
    Neil Kurshan (20th century)

    As the creative adult needs to toy with ideas, the child, to form his ideas, needs toys—and plenty of leisure and scope to play with them as he likes, and not just the way adults think proper. This is why he must be given this freedom for his play to be successful and truly serve him well.
    Bruno Bettelheim (20th century)