Schiller Institute

The Schiller Institute is an international political and economic think tank, one of the primary organizations of the LaRouche movement, with headquarters in Germany and the United States, and supporters in Australia, Canada, Russia, and South America, among others, according to its website.

The institute's stated aim is to apply the ideas of the philosopher Friedrich Schiller to what it calls the "contemporary world crisis." The American branch of the Institute publishes a quarterly magazine, Fidelio, which it describes as a "Journal of Poetry, Science, and Statecraft." The German branch publishes a similar magazine called Ibykus, named after Schiller's poem "The Cranes of Ibykus."

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... In 1988, the institute initiated a campaign to establish "philosophical pitch" or "scientific pitch" as the classical music concert pitch standard ... The Schiller Institute calls this system "Verdi tuning" because it was Italian composer Giuseppe Verdi who first sought to stop the increase in pitch to which orchestras are tuned ... It is this 432 Hz standard that the Schiller Institute advocates ...
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... are highlights of conferences from the Schiller Institute's 20-year history. 1986, featuring a performance of Mozart's Requiem at C=256Hz, with Schiller chorus and orchestra – Reston, Virginia, U.S.A ... Jozef Miklosko, president of the Slovakian branch of the Schiller Institute and former vice premier of post-communist Czechoslovakia – Manila, Philippines Dec ...
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6, 2003, a British inquest heard allegations that the Schiller Institute is a "political cult with sinister and dangerous connections," which may have ... Duggan had been attending a Schiller Institute conference and LaRouche Youth Movement cadre school in Wiesbaden, Germany, when he died after running onto a busy road ... inquest rejected that verdict after hearing testimony about the nature of the Schiller Institute ...

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