Schedule may refer to:

  • Timetable (disambiguation), various senses
    • Broadcast programming
    • Schedule (workplace), a list of employees who are working on any given day, week, or month in a workplace
    • an airline timetable
    • Schedule (project management), a list of a project's terminal elements with intended start and finish dates
    • Schedule (computer science), a list of actions from a set of transactions in databases
  • A listing in an addendum to a document, particularly a statute or specification
    • Schedule 80
    • Drug schedule
    • a Scheduled monument

Other articles related to "schedule, schedules":

2007 Nextel Cup - Top Stories and Controversies - Mark Martin Schedule
... The other concerned the part-time schedule being undertaken by Mark Martin ... Because he had planned a part-time schedule in the #01 DEI U.S ... However, Martin is extending his schedule to include a few more points races, but again did not race the full season ...
Benzphetamine - Controlled Substance Classification
... Benzphetamine is unique in its classification as a Schedule III drug in the United States ... the amphetamine family are classified in the more highly-regulated Schedule II.) Benzphetamine is metabolized by the human body into amphetamine and methamphetamine, making it one of a ... itself does not have as high abuse potential as its metabolites (Schedule III) because of the time necessary for the liver to metabolize it into amphetamine and methamphetamine, regardless of route of administration ...
Vaccination Schedule
... A vaccination schedule is a series of vaccinations, including the timing of all doses, which may be either recommended or compulsory, depending on the country of residence ... Vaccine schedules are developed by governmental agencies or physicians groups to achieve maximum effectiveness using required and recommended vaccines for a locality while minimizing ... two decades, the recommended vaccination schedule has grown rapidly and become more complicated as many new vaccines have been developed ...