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Magazine Articles

  • Action Caravan . "Don Marco Keeps the Peace", Sasha Siemel
  • American Bowman Review . "And Sash Potted the Cat"
  • Archery . "Hunting Jaguar in Matto Grosso", Edith Siemel
  • Archery . "Siemels Return From Matto Grosso", Sasha Siemel
  • Argosy . "Men of Daring: Sasha Siemel, Jungle Nomad!", Allen Stockie
  • Argosy . "This One Almost Got Me", Sasha Siemel
  • Argosy . "Cannibals On Our Trail", Sasha Siemel
  • Argosy . "Bold Cat, Bold Hunter", Sasha Siemel
  • Blue Book Magazine . "Spearing a Jaguar", Sasha Siemel
  • Bowhunting . "Tigrero!"
  • Colliers . "Spear That Tiger", Sasha Siemel
  • Colliers . "At Home With the Jungle Giants"
  • Field and Stream . "Hand Spearing Jaguars", Sasha Siemel
  • Life
  • Life . "The Death of Assassino", Sasha Siemel
  • National Geographic . "The Jungle Was My Home", Sasha Siemel
  • Outdoor Life . "White Spearman of the Jungle", Tracey Lewis
  • Outdoor Life . Interview with Edith Siemel
  • Outdoor Life . "Jaguar Man Returns: Sasha Siemel Hunts Again"
  • People Today . "Tarzan and Family"
  • Reader’s Digest
  • Rocks & Minerals . "Collecting Tales From Brazil," Part 2
  • Safari . "Sasha Siemel and the Quest for Freedom", Edward O’Brien Jr.
  • Safari . "The True Tigrero", Dexter K. Oliver
  • The Archer’s Magazine . "Recent Activities of the Siemel Family", Jane Morrow
  • The Feathered Shaft . "Tiger-Man", E. Johnston
  • The Feathered Shaft . "Sasha Siemel Lectures Thrill Thousands"
  • Time . "Tiger-Man"
  • Time . "Catching Them"
  • Time . "Matto Grosso Rigors"
  • Time . "Hounds v. Big Game"
  • Time . "Tiger-Man"
  • Time . "Menu"
  • Time . "The Winning of the West"
  • Traditional Bowhunter . "Zagaya Hombre", Gene Wensel
  • Ye Slyvan Archer . "Interviewing the Tiger-Man", George Brommers
  • Ye Slyvan Archer . "Why I Prefer the Bow to the Rifle", Sasha Siemel

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