Sao may refer to:

  • Sao language, an aboriginal language of Taiwan
  • Sao, Burkina Faso
  • The Sao civilisation who lived south of Lake Chad
  • The Sáo, a bamboo transverse flute used in Vietnam
  • Sao (moon) of Neptune
  • Sao, one of the Nereids
  • São, the Portuguese word for saint. It is also a common abbreviation of the given name Conceição.
  • SAO biscuits, produced by Arnott's
  • Sao (trilobite), a genus of ptychopariid trilobite
  • Sao, nickname of the Chad national football team

SAO or S.A.O. may stand for:

  • Saco Transportation Center (Amtrak station code SAO), a train station in Saco, Maine, United States
  • Session-At-Once, a recording mode for optical discs.
  • Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory of the Smithsonian Institution in Cambridge, Massachusetts
  • Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory Star Catalog
  • Special Astrophysical Observatory of the Russian Academy of Science, the site of the BTA-6 Telescope, which for many years was the world's largest telescope
  • Security Advisory Opinion, a decision-making process used by the US Department of State and United States embassies to grant or deny United States visas
  • SAO, the ICAO airline designator for the Sahel Aviation Service airline
  • SAO, the IATA airport code for airports in the São Paulo Metropolitan Area, Brazil
  • Sword Art Online, Japanese light novel series by Reki Kawahara.

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SAO (biscuit)
... SAO biscuits are a savoury cracker biscuit that was launched in Australia in 1906 by Arnott's ... The term SAO was trade marked in 1904 ... The origin of the name "SAO" is unclear ...
SAO 49986
... SAO 49986 and SAO 49982 form a binary star system in the constellation Cygnus. 9th magnitude SAO 49986 is the brighter of the two, a bluish white dwarf star with a spectral type of B9.5V. 10th magnitude SAO 49982 is also a bluish white star, with a spectral type of B8 ...
Sao Civilisation - Rise and Decline
... The Sao civilization may have begun as early as the sixth century BCE, and by the end of the first millennium BCE, their presence was well established south of Lake Chad and near ... The city states of the Sao reached their apex sometime between the ninth and fifteenth centuries CE ... The Sao's demise may have come about due to conquest, Islamization, or both ...
Lawksawk Township - History - Saohpas of Lawksawk
... Hkun Shwe Ek 1813–1850 Vacant 1850–1854 Sao Weng (1st time) 1854–1881 Occupied by Yawnghwe 1881–1886 Sao Weng (second time) 1886–1887 Bo Saing (regent) 1887 Hkun Nu 1887–1900 Sao Hkun Nsok 1900–1946 ...