Santa Maria Della Scala (Siena) - Art of Santa Maria Della Scala

Art of Santa Maria Della Scala

In the 1330’s Santa Maria della Scala commissioned many very important interior and exterior frescoes as well as several significant altar pieces. The exterior frescoes that were commissioned for the Ospedale (Santa Maria della Scala) unfortunately no longer exist. Due to well-kept documents, the artists who created these magnificent frescos can be identified as Simone Martini and the Lorenzetti brothers, Pietro and Ambrogio. The interior artwork of Santa Maria della Scala has survived through the centuries, however. The majority of these pieces were altar pieces that were created after The Black Death. Several artists during the 1370’s to 1390’s created these paintings. The principal artist of the altarpieces was Bartolommeo Bulgarini. His two latest surviving paintings were the Assumption and Madonna and The Assumption of the Virgin. The Assumption of the Virgin was the largest and most extravagant work commissioned in 1339 for the Ospedale altar containing the relic of the Virgin’s girdle.

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