Sanford Stadium

Sanford Stadium is the on-campus playing venue for football at the University of Georgia in Athens, Georgia, United States. The 92,746-seat stadium is the seventh largest stadium in the NCAA. Architecturally, the stadium is known for the fact that its numerous expansions over the years have been carefully planned to fit with the existing "look" of the stadium. Games played there are said to be played "Between the Hedges" due to the privet hedges, which have stood around the field, originally in 1929, but removed in the summer of 1996; new, albeit considerably shorter, hedges were restored in the fall of 1996. The stadium is the 8th largest non-racing stadium in the United States and the 14th largest such stadium in the world.

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... He has a custom-built air conditioned dog house at Sanford Stadium and typically sits on or near bags of ice at games, as bulldogs are susceptible to heat stroke (a problem in the humid ... near the main entrance at the southwest corner of Sanford Stadium ... The tombs' original location was at the east end of Sanford Stadium, and Uga's I and II were originally buried there ...
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... Uga mascots are entombed in a mausoleum in the southwest corner of the stadium ... Sanford Stadium is also one of the few college stadiums, and one of only two in the Southeastern Conference, in which the football field is oriented to face East–West as opposed to North-South (the other is ... would park the company president's luxury office rail car on the tracks overlooking the stadium's open east end zone for an excellent view of the spectacle ...

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