A sanctum is a holy site.

Other uses of the term include:

  • Sanctum (band), a Swedish musical group
  • Sanctum (film), a 2011 3D action-thriller film
  • Sanctum (game), an online collectible card game
  • Sanctum (2011 video game), a first-person tower defense game for PC
  • Sanctum (Temple), Inner part f the temple where deities are present

Other articles related to "sanctum":

Annamalaiyar Temple - Architecture - Shrines
... Behind the walls of the sanctum, there is an image of Venugopalaswamy, an incarnation of Vishnu ... Around the sanctum, there are images of Somaskandar, Durga, Chandekeswarar, Gajalakshmi, Arumugaswami, Dakshinamoorthy, Swarnabairavar, Nataraja, and Lingodbhavar—the last an image of Shiva emanating from ... Palliyarai, the divine room for resting deities, is located at the first precinct around the sanctum ...
Mahakaleshwar Jyotirlinga - The Temple
... The idol of Omkareshwar Mahadev is consecrated in the sanctum above the Mahakal shrine ... The images of Ganesh, Parvati and Karttikeya are installed in the west, north and east of the sanctum sanctorum ... Brass lamps light the way to the underground sanctum ...
Sanctum (band)
... Sanctum is a band from Sweden formed in 1994 ... Sanctum originally consisted of four members, Jan Carleklev, Marika Kante, Håkan Paulsson and Lena Robért ... Sanctum has played shows in Europé and the US, for example at Maschinenfest, Cornerstone Festival and Wave-Gotik-Treffen ...
Seventh Sanctum - Community
... Part of the Sanctum, as it is known to users (or "sanctumites"), centres on the forum, where users of the generators gather to talk ... The community also invented a fictional history of the Sanctum, explaining what happened to the previous six ... Supposedly, the First Sanctum was created four thousand years before present day somewhere in the Mediterranean ...

Famous quotes containing the word sanctum:

    She saw a dust bearing bee sink into the sanctum of a bloom; the thousand sister calxes arch to meet the love embrace and the ecstatic shiver of the tree from root to tiniest branch creaming in every blossom and frothing with delight. So this was a marriage!
    Zora Neale Hurston (1891–1960)