Samuel H. Parker - Selected Titles Published By Parker - S.H. Parker

S.H. Parker

Textual works
  • Edward Bickersteth. A Scripture help: designed to assist in reading the Bible profitably. Boston. 1817.
  • Walter Scott. The antiquary: A romance. 1821.
  • Walter Scott. Tales of my landlord. Second series. 1821.
  • Walter Scott. The monastery: A romance. 1822.
  • Walter Scott. Rob Roy: A romance. 1822.
  • John Leycester Adolphus. Letters to Richard Heber, Esq.: containing critical remarks on the series of novels beginning with "Waverley," and an attempt to ascertain their author. 1822.
  • Mary Grafton. Spiritual gleanings; or, Select essays with Scripture mottos. 1824.
  • Elizabeth Hamilton. Letters on the elementary principles of education. 1825.
  • Analysis of the game of chess. 1826.
  • Philander Chase. A plea for the West. 1827.
  • George Washington Doane. The missionary argument: a sermon preached by appointment, before the Board of Directors of the Domestic and Foreign Missionary Society of the Protestant Episcopal Church, in the U.S. of America, in St. Andrews Church, Philadelphia; on Tuesday evening, May 11, 1830. 1830.
  • George Washington Doane. The voice of the departed: a sermon preached in Trinity Church, Boston, on Sunday, September 12, 1830; on occasion of the death of the late Rector, the Reverend John Sylvester John Gardiner, D.D. 1830.
  • John Henry Hopkins. Religion the only safeguard of national prosperity: A sermon preached in Trinity Church, Boston, December 1, 1831; Being the day of annual thanksgiving. 1831.
  • Manton Eastburn. The voice of God in the recent national bereavement a sermon delivered in Trinity Church, Boston, on the morning of Sunday, October 31, 1852, being the Sunday after the interment of the Hon. Daniel Webster. 1852.
  • Waverly Novels. 1853.
Musical scores
  • Joseph Mazzinghi. Ye shepherds tell me. 1816.
  • Henry R Bishop. Tho' 'tis all but a dream a French air. 1824.
  • Catalogue of the Boston Union Circulating Library, no. 3. 1812.
  • Catalogue of the Boston Union Circulating Library, no. 12. 1820.

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