Salt Concentration

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Soil Salinity Control - Soil Leaching
... Inf + Cap = Evap + Perc or Irr + Rain + Cap = Evap + Perc and the salt balance is Irr.Ci + Cap.Cc = Evap.Fc.Ce + Perc.Cp + Ss where Ci is the salt concentration of the irrigation water, Cc is the ... This assumes that the rainfall contains no salts ... The amount of salts removed by plants (Evap.Fc.Ce) is usually negligibly small Evap.Fc.Ce = 0 The salt concentration Cp can be taken as a part of the salt concentration of the soil in the ...
Ammonium Sulfate Precipitation
... Ammonium sulfate is commonly used as its solubility is so high that salt solutions with high ionic strength are allowed ... the ionic strength of the solution, and hence according to the salt concentration ... Two distinct effects are observed at low salt concentrations, the solubility of the protein increases with increasing salt concentration (i.e ...

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