Salitis was the first king of the Hyksos to rule Northern Egypt. He founded the Fifteenth dynasty of Egypt. His rule began around 1648 BC. The precise dates of his rule are unknown. Northern Egypt was controlled by Hyksos rulers throughout the Dynasty.

The Hyksos were people of Semitic origin who were thought to have invaded Egypt through the Sinai Peninsula and settled in the Delta. Some scholars argue that the Hyksos were not invaders, but elements of the local Semitic population of Lower Egypt who assumed control of lower Egypt when the 13th dynasty of Egypt collapsed. The Hyksos controlled all the Nile Delta and Northern Egypt.

Some scholars mention Salitis' name as "Sultan". This is an Arabic translation of the phrase "powerful king" because the king was considered to be the founder of the first Hyksos dynasty. Salitis captured Memphis and placed himself in higher rank than any of the royal families in the city.

Preceded by
Founder of Dynasty
Pharaoh of Egypt
Fifteenth dynasty of Egypt
Succeeded by
Bnon then Sakir-Har