• (noun): A man salesperson.

Some articles on salesman:

Birth Of A Salesman
... "Birth of a Salesman" is a short story by P ... The story's title is a play on Death of a Salesman, the now-classic stageplay by Arthur Miller, which had won a Pulitzer Prize the previous year ...
Traveling Salesman (film)
... A travelling salesman is a travelling Door-to-door seller of goods ... Travelling salesman may also refer to Traveling Salesman (1921 film), a 1921 comedy Travelling Salesman (2012 film), a 2012 intellectual thriller "Traveling Salesmen," the twelfth episode of ...
List Of Alex Rider Characters - Secondary Antagonists - The Salesman
... The Salesman is a short-term antagonist in Skeleton Key ... The Salesman's main line of work, as his name suggests, is selling illegal products, such as weapons and drugs ... undercover as a weapons purchaser to engage a friendship between him and The Salesman on his boat, The Mayfair Lady ...
Set TSP Problem
... as the, generalized TSP, group TSP, One-of-a-Set TSP, Multiple Choice TSP or Covering Salesman Problem, is a generalization of the Traveling salesman problem (TSP), whereby it is required to find a ... The salesman, when visiting a vertex in some set, then walks around the cycle for free ...
Mel Bay - Biography - Childhood and Early Life
... got, including a stint with a snake oil salesman in and around his hometown ... hired Bay to play the banjo while sitting in the salesman's car ... gathered to listen, Bay would stop playing, and the salesman would pitch his cure-all ...

Famous quotes containing the word salesman:

    Nobody dast blame this man.... For a salesman, there is no rock bottom to the life. He don’t put a bolt to a nut, he don’t tell you the law or give you medicine. He’s a man way out there in the blue, riding on a smile and a shoeshine. And when they start not smiling back—that’s an earthquake. And then you get yourself a couple of spots on your hat, and you’re finished. Nobody dast blame this man. A salesman is got to dream, boy. It comes with the territory.
    Arthur Miller (b. 1915)

    [Oliver North is a] document-shredding, Constitution-trashing, Commander in Chief-bashing, Congress-thrashing, uniform-shaming, Ayatollah-loving, arms-dealing, criminal-protecting, résumé-enhancing, Noriega-coddling, Social
    Security-threatening, public school-denigrating, Swiss-banking-law-breaking, letter-faking, self-serving, election-losing, snake-oil salesman who can’t tell the difference between the truth and a lie.
    Charles S. Robb (b. 1939)