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Person's Surname

  • Albert Sala (born 1981), field hockey player from Spain
  • Alessandro Sala (1816–1890), Italian composer, organist, and pianist
  • André Ricard Sala (born 1929), Catalan industrial designer
  • Andrea Sala (footballer) (born 1993) Italian footballer
  • Anri Sala, contemporary Albanian artist
  • Carlos Sala (born 1960), retired Spanish hurdler
  • Cesare Sala, formerly a Milan based coachbuilder of extreme opulence
  • Claudio Sala (born 1947), former Italian association football player and current commentator
  • Costantino Sala (born 1913), Italian professional football player
  • Darío Sala (born 1974) an Argentine football (soccer) goalkeeper
  • Emilio Sala an Italian sculptor
  • Emilio Grau Sala (1911–1975), Catalan painter
  • Enric Sala, marine ecologist and an Explorer-in-Residence at National Geographic
  • Flavio Sala (born 1983), Italian Classical guitar player
  • Galdino della Sala, tenth century Christian saint from Milan, Italy
  • George Augustus Henry Sala (1828–1895), English journalist
  • Giovanni Sala (born 1963), Italian enduro rider and a six-time World Enduro Champion
  • Guido Sala (born 1928), Italian Grand Prix motorcycle road racer and world champion kart racer
  • Ingrid Sala Santamaria, Filipina pianist
  • Jean Sala Breitenstein (1900–1986), United States federal judge
  • Jerome Sala (born 1986), Filipino singer
  • Lee Sala (born 1926), leading contender for the middleweight boxing crown in the 1940s and 50s
  • Louis Sala-Molins, essayist and political philosophy professor at Paris-I and Toulouse-II universities
  • Luc Sala (born 1949), Dutch entrepreneur and writer
  • Luigi Sala (born 1974), Italian football defender
  • Luis Perez-Sala (born 1959), popular Catalan-Spanish racing driver
  • Manuel Sala (born 1982), Angolan football player
  • Marco Sala (1886–1969), Italian professional footballer, who played as a defender
  • Milagro Sala (born 1964), leader of the Tupac Amaru neighborhood association, Argentina
  • Nicola Sala (1713–1801), Italian composer
  • Oscar Sala (born 1922), Italian-Brazilian nuclear physicist
  • Oskar Sala (1910–2002), 20th century German composer and pioneer of electronic music
  • Patrizio Sala, Italian former footballer.
  • Pep Sala (born 1960), Catalan musician, songwriter and record producer
  • Ramón Sala (born 1971), former field hockey defender from Spain
  • Ricardo Sala Gaitán, Colombian industrial engineer and politician
  • Richard Sala, American cartoonist, illustrator and comic book creator
  • Valentino Sala (born 1908), Italian professional football player and coach
  • Xavier Sala-i-Martin (born 1963), Spanish professor of economics at Columbia University

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