Saga City - Famous People From Saga

Famous People From Saga

  • Shigeo Shingo, an industrial engineer who distinguished himself as one of the world’s leading experts on manufacturing practices.
  • Hidenori Chiwata, a singer whose song カサブタ (Kasabuta / "Scab") was used as a theme song in the anime Zatch Bell!.
  • Hanawa, singer and comedian. He released a CD about Saga city
  • Yasuko Matsuyuki, singer and actress known for her glamorous and sophisticated personality. She is mentioned in Hanawa's song as being one of the celebrities that won't admit being from Saga. She moved away from Saga at the age of 19 to be a model.
  • Yuna Katsuki (born Yohei Matsuyuki), singer and musician, of Lazy Knack, RED, The Flare, and Candelars, and also the younger brother of Yasuko Matsuyuki. He freely admits being from Saga, unlike his sister. Yuna's Official Website He moved to Tokyo at the age of 16.
  • Egashira 2:50, a comedian
  • Noriko Nakagoshi, an actress
  • Saga-Bwaga?

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