Safavid Period

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Safavid Art - Art - Persian Carpets
... carpets (between 1500 and 2000) have been conserved since the Safavid period, but the dating and establishment of the origin of these carpets remains very difficult ... It is generally accepted among specialists that it was the Safavids who transformed the carpet from production by artists assured by nomadic tribes to the status of a "national ... During the Safavid period, the export of carpets flourished, to destinations in Europe (sometimes via the Portuguese colony of Goa) and to the Mughal Empire, where Persian carpets ...
Georgia–Persia Relations - Safavid Period - 18th Century
... The Safavid dynasty finally collapsed in 1736, being succeeded by the Afsharids. ...
Literary Criticism In Iran - Classical Tradition - Safavid Period
... The poetry of the Safavid period is characteristic of what has since come to be known as sabk-i hindī ("Indian style," also called Ṣafavī or Iṣfahān ... Under the Turkomans and the Safavids, reprehensible styles appeared.. ...

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