Sacral Plexus - Nerves Formed

Nerves Formed

All the nerves entering the plexus, with the exception of the third sacral, split into ventral and dorsal divisions, and the nerves arising from these are as follows of the table below:

Nerves of the sacral plexus
Nerve Segment Innervated muscles Cutaneous branches
Superior gluteal L4-S1 Gluteus medius
Gluteus minimus
Tensor fasciae latae
Inferior gluteal L5-S2 Gluteus maximus
Posterior cutaneous femoral S1-S3

Posterior cutaneous femoral

• Inferior cluneal nerves
• Perineal branches
Direct branches from plexus
• Piriformis
S1-2 Piriformis
• Obturator internus
L5-S1 Obturator internus
• Quadratus femoris
L5-S1 Quadratus femoris
Sciatic L4-S3 Semitendinosus (Tib)
Semimembranosus (Tib)
Biceps femoris
• Long head (Tib)
• Short head (Fib)

Adductor magnus (medial part, Tib)

Common fibular L4-S2 Lateral sural cutaneous
Communicating fibular
• Superficial fibular
Peroneus longus
Peroneus brevis
Medial dorsal cutaneous
Intermediate dorsal cutaneous
• Deep fibular
Tibialis anterior
Extensor digitorum longus
Extensor digitorum brevis
Extensor hallucis longus
Extensor hallucis brevis
Peroneus tertius
Lateral cutaneous nerve of big toe
Intermediate dorsal cutaneous
Tibial nerve L4-S3 Triceps surae
Tibialis posterior
Flexor digitorum longus
Flexor hallucis longus
Medial sural cutaneous
Lateral calcaneal
Medial calcaneal
Lateral dorsal cutaneous
• Medial plantar
Abductor hallucis
Flexor digitorum brevis
Flexor hallucis brevis (medial head)
Lumbrical (first and second)
Proper digital plantar
• Lateral plantar
Flexor hallucis brevis (lateral head)
Quadratus plantae
Abductor digiti minimi
Flexor digiti minimi
Lumbrical (third and fourth)
Plantar interossei (first to third)
Dorsal interossei (first to fifth)
Adductor hallucis
Proper plantar digital
Pudendal and coccygeal
(Pudendal plexus)
S2-S4 Muscles of the pelvic floor:
Levator ani
Superficial transverse perineal
Deep transverse perineal
Sphincter anus externus
Urethral sphincter
Inferior rectal
• Posterior scrotal/labial
• Dorsal penis/clitoris
(Coccygeal plexus)
S5-Co1 Coccygeus Anococcygeal
Dorsal branches

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