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There are a number of discrepancies with dates in Brooks' novel. Dates given in Terry Brooks' subsequent novel Armageddon's Children confirm that Running with the Demon takes place in 1997. However, like the other books in the Word/Void trilogy, the days of the week mentioned in the novel do not fall on the given calendar dates.

Another date discrepancy is associated with the character Derry Howe, described as a veteran of the Vietnam War, serving two tours of duty. A news article gives his age as 38 years old. The story takes place in 1997, indicating that Derry would have been 16 years old at the time the Vietnam War ended in 1975. However, it also says he is "on the downside of forty."

A third chronological error is given when Nest is said to be training for the Olympics to be held in Melbourne, Australia. The Melbourne Olympics were held in 1956. Most likely Brooks meant to refer to the Sydney Olympics held in 2000.

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