Rubber Bridge

Rubber bridge is a form of contract bridge and is played with four players. It is most often played for fun but is also played seriously for money. Rubber Bridge involves a high degree of skill but there is also a fair amount of luck involved in who gets the best cards.

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Shooting (bridge) - Examples
... The correct play now at rubber bridge or IMPs is to duck a round of clubs ... At rubber bridge or IMPs, South should play to ruff two hearts in dummy, to guard against either opponent's holding of queen-fourth of spades ... Miles notes that declarer could adopt the rubber bridge approach of ruffing two hearts, in effect playing for the spades to split badly ...
Glossary Of Contract Bridge Terms - R
... "recapitulation") A summary of results in a bridge tournament ... Recorder A member of a bridge organization whose responsibility it is to maintain a record of reports of possible violations of the Proprieties ... Redeal In rubber bridge, the prescribed remedy for a faulty deal ...
Bridge Scoring - Rubber Bridge - An Example Rubber
... The following table summarizes the results of a rubber consisting of six deals. 3♣ 4 3×20=60 1×20=20 6 ... E 6♦ 6 6×20=120 1020 ... Rubber Bonus 500 Total 1640 ... The following panels illustrate the progression of the ... Deal 1 Deal 2 Deal 3 Deal 4 Deal 5 Deal 6 Rubber Bonus Total Deal 1 South bids 2NT making 3 ...
Chicago (bridge Card Game) - Scoring
... Chicago scoring, the result of each deal is recorded on a score pad similar to that used in rubber bridge but which has an additional area, usually at the top in the form of an 'X ... slam bid and made, level bonus points are recorded above the line and have the same values as in rubber or duplicate bridge ... treatment differs from that in duplicate bridge and is somewhat akin to that of rubber bridge ...
Rubber Bridge - History
... Rubber bridge is the traditional form of contract bridge ... a lot of publicity after a celebrated match, referred to as "Bridge battle of the century", was held December 1931 to January 1932 between teams led by ... A total of 150 rubbers were played, and was ultimately won by the Culbertson team by a margin of 8,980 points ...

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